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愛迪達廣告   2017  

部分動畫 Animation for some shots

杜老爺 曠世奇派 TVC  DuRoyal Crunch Pie TVC

概念,腳本設計,畫面設計 Concpet, Storyboard Design, StyleFrame Design 

Hebe 田馥甄  如果Plus 台北演唱會, Hebe Taipei If Plus Concert  2016

概念 設計 動畫 特效 Concept/Design/Animation/VFX

浪直播  Lang Live App TVC, 2016

概念,腳本,畫面構想 Concept, Storyboard, Style frame


CNN/ Turner

TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council)

Grand Central Activity in NY

Designer/ Animator

Oriton Co.

2015 Xmas Ecard


Hetric-Martin Institute

LGBTQ  Advertisement at timesquare 


STAYREAL  commercial Video

MP 魔幻力量 x Marvel



Intel Vine

Uncontained power. #2in1 #lookinside

Intel Vine

Weigh the options and you'll find the right answer: the Intel-powered #2in1

Intel Vine Stop Motion

Book it with your laptop, live it with your tablet. #2in1@ASUS

Intel Vine Stop Motion

Rain or shine, the #2in1 is a device for all seasons.

Intel Vine Stop Motion

Equal parts work and play. #2in1 @Dell

Intel Vine

Flexible design meets any need. #2in1 @Dell

Intel Vine Stop Motion

Lighten your load with the device that does it all #2in1

Intel Vine Stop Motion

Watch your messages come to life with the Pocket Avatars app 

Intel Vine

Unbox the latest in mobile processing power. #Lenovo#Miix

Intel Vine

Blurring the line between laptop and tablet. #2in1

Intel Vine "Smart Pot"

Let your plant do the talking with the #InternetofThings

Intel Stop Motion Vine "3D Car"

Matrix Denim Code Collection

Maybelline 2014 Behind-the-Scenes

Sally Hansen Triple Shine

Michelle Phan - A unicorn Story Fairytale 

愛迪達 廣告 Adidas Ad  2017

動畫 Animation for this shot 

全家便利商店 春遊吃貨 數位廣告 Fmaily Mart Spring Trip Digital Campaign  2017

概念, 拍攝 , 設計,動態,剪輯   Concept, Shooting, Design, Animation, Editing