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364W 36th ST
New York, NY


Motion Artist


Hebe 田馥甄  如果Plus 台北演唱會 2016


CNN/ Turner


TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council)

Grand Central Activity in NY

Designer/ Animator

Oriton Co.

2015 Xmas Ecard


Hetric-Martin Institute

LGBTQ  Advertisement at timesquare 




STAYREAL  commercial Video

MP 魔幻力量 x Marvel



Intel Vine

Uncontained power. #2in1 #lookinside

Intel Vine

Weigh the options and you'll find the right answer: the Intel-powered #2in1

Intel Vine Stop Motion

Book it with your laptop, live it with your tablet. #2in1@ASUS

Intel Vine Stop Motion

Rain or shine, the #2in1 is a device for all seasons.

Intel Vine Stop Motion

Equal parts work and play. #2in1 @Dell

Intel Vine

Flexible design meets any need. #2in1 @Dell

Intel Vine Stop Motion

Lighten your load with the device that does it all #2in1

Intel Vine Stop Motion

Watch your messages come to life with the Pocket Avatars app 

Intel Vine

Unbox the latest in mobile processing power. #Lenovo#Miix

Intel Vine

Blurring the line between laptop and tablet. #2in1

Intel Vine "Smart Pot"

Let your plant do the talking with the #InternetofThings

Intel Stop Motion Vine "3D Car"

Matrix Denim Code Collection

Maybelline 2014 Behind-the-Scenes

Sally Hansen Triple Shine

Michelle Phan - A unicorn Story Fairytale